Video poster is the new digital marketing product that offers you a cutting edge solution for window and in-store promotion.

It brings out the actual message for the product or service using video technology with the added visual display

By combining video technology and static information Video Posters delivers a clear message to your customers enhancing conversion rates and generating interest on the high street to your brandThis technology has a worldwide patent pending.

In todays world we have static vision, for example a poster, to see marketing material or expensive video presentations which are difficult to change and adapt.

There are mix messages in static signs.

The conversion rates from static marketing is restricted and doesn’t interact with the customer Also once created it can only be used for the same promotion and in most cases not used again.

In some areas video is used. Video is a powerful medium but the size of crucial information is restricted to the screen 32” or 80” So at a distance you will not read any contact information or numbers.

Videoposter could see there is a demand for the two to be joined and there is the birth of video poster.